Free Certs are Complicated and Costly

We need tools that balance internet usage and allows for freedom of speech.

  1. First and foremost a free unfiltered and untraceable search engine.
  2. A browser open to all content. No filtering except for harmful content.
  3. Guideline, even laws, by American for Americans that protect Americans and hold to American values. Not IETF.
  4. Balanced cost of usage. Security ought to be paid for by companies listed above
  5. We need to elect people who are savvy to what an internet is. Lots of brain dead people in Congress.
  6. Finally- Not all free certs are the same, Letsencrypt works fine for me on this site.



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Trump Russia Chess Game

By all appearance today Trump is King, because he has to be. The relentless daily onslaught of arrows requires an armored plated skin only #trump has from his years as a business tycoon and the wisdom of years of manipulating the political class. He knows there game and is slowly checking each move they make.

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Ben Garrison's Humor never ends

Fakenews Again and Again

We have previous presidents, previous administration thugs, Rhinos, Democrats, Mueller investigation and so-called main stream media. #CNN #ABC #CBS and #NBC with support from Google, Twitter and Facebook source control are possessed to control #american thought and American Policy.

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PC police

Marine Court

Ex-marine sent home from Iraq after Facebook video goes viral. US contractor in Iraq sent home after FB video supporting Trump travel ban goes viral. 44 Million hits before PC police took it down.

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SSL Threat to Free Press

Remember Obama administration telling Americans pay-up when they take your computer. SSL is only a partial fix because it takes time to brake the code. Back in my day the KG30 was a solution. Today we need a KG30 like in every network card with a CA of who is using it issued by a creditable authority.

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Russians are coming!

So in ending, Russia is and will always be an adversary of America, just as China and North Korea and others are. But because of the democrats rues we look like fools to the world especially Russia. I personally hold every democrat responsible for this action of deception.

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