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Finally President Speaks about Google

I have waited for this news for 10 years. Someone in Government has finally said that the First Amendment means something in America and Corporations through there data control cannot stifle free speech for the purpose of redirecting political thought of our country. Just in case twitter blocks the president. Also view Tucker Carlson’s Tweet on Facebook and Google.

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SSL Threat to Free Press

Remember Obama administration telling Americans pay-up when they take your computer. SSL is only a partial fix because it takes time to brake the code. Back in my day the KG30 was a solution. Today we need a KG30 like in every network card with a CA of who is using it issued by a creditable authority.

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Russians are coming!

So in ending, Russia is and will always be an adversary of America, just as China and North Korea and others are. But because of the democrats rues we look like fools to the world especially Russia. I personally hold every democrat responsible for this action of deception.

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