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Polls -humbug

This poll is unique in that if you click on the link. you will receive the most current poll. The numbers are based on the last 5 days of a continuous poll. Also you must read carefully to see correct view. Even when polls are directly in front of you the meaning is unclear.

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Finally President Speaks about Google

I have waited for this news for 10 years. Someone in Government has finally said that the First Amendment means something in America and Corporations through there data control cannot stifle free speech for the purpose of redirecting political thought of our country. Just in case twitter blocks the president. Also view Tucker Carlson’s Tweet on Facebook and Google.

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General Flynn

General Flynn Disaster

General Flynn is an honorable man caught in a power struggle that has little to do with him, but everything to do with America. If Trump looses 2018 election, and politics being politics, Flynn could loose a chance to be free again. But the people prosecuting the war against Trump are the kind of people make up the deep state.
There is an excellent article on General Flynn at Conservative Review by Jordan Schachtel

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Trump Russia Chess Game

By all appearance today Trump is King, because he has to be. The relentless daily onslaught of arrows requires an armored plated skin only #trump has from his years as a business tycoon and the wisdom of years of manipulating the political class. He knows there game and is slowly checking each move they make.

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Trump caught Media in lie

The big media caught in lies create social unrest in America. The New York Times Lied and following it cue Big Media lied too But we America are not stupid, and now we understand how dirty Dems are, even if the source is nefarious.

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